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    Welcome to EmberThorne

    The Embers burn brightly within you traveler, maybe you were destined to find us, by the wise ol' sayers, you seem to be extremely gifted. I am extremely curious to see if you will join us in the fight against those which seek to destroy our sovereignty. Are you ready to express the Embers within you?
    Are you a fan of Runescape's skilling system? Well we're happy to let you know that we're designing our own custom skilling system, similar to that of Runescape's, that will allow you to experience the following epic skills and many more to come. Feel free to suggest new skills directly here on the forums!

    - Woodcutting (Chop trees, use the resources for other skills)
    - Mining (Mine ores, use the resources for other skills)
    - Smithery (Smelt ores into bars, forge those bars into armor, weapons, and more!)
    - Crafting (Craft Trinkets, carve wood into arrows, and much more!)
    - Fishing (Blub Blyub)
    - Thaumaturgy (Magic, Sorcery, Necromancy, The Dark Arts, Teleportation, and more!)
    - Spellbinder (Enchant weapons with magical properties, and disenchant items into dust)

    Seek down into a depths of ruins of a castle, to discover exciting and formidable foes awaiting for your battle. At launch we plan to have at least 10 custom unique dungeons for everyone to experience.

    Follow the lore of the world, drown yourself within it's unique and epic story line, and fall in love with heroes you meet on your journey.

    World Bosses
    Similar to how World of Warcrafts world bosses work. Travel the world, and find such a formidable beast, that you have to find groups of players anywhere from 5 - 25 to take down these monstrosities. Did we mention the final boss of vanilla will be a World Boss?

    Custom Mobs
    That's right! No mods required, we've been able to create our own custom unique mobs from nothing! No resource pack required, no mods required, pure vanilla Minecraft.

    Have you found your home here in the world of Algnathar? Then expand and welcome others into your Guild and reap the rewards which come from it.

    Player Housing
    Similar to how Runescape's housing system works, but vastly different. Do you want to have your own house? There will be a few portals around Algnathar that allows you to purchase a home, or even move it to a new location. Based on the location you're at will be the setting of the house. You'll then be able to upgrade parts of your house through a unique user interface and add in features such as:

    - House Dungeon (1 dungeon max)
    - House Skilling Area (2 skills max)
    - Storage Area (Size to be determined later)
    - And much more!

    <Information to come soon>

    Ride your stead, or even a magical creature you've captured, to the nearest town and show off your epic mount.

    Character Creation System
    Do you want to be a Dwarf, Elf, Orc, or even various other races? Our unique character creation system will allow you to do so. All players will have access to creating two unique characters. This allows you to specialize in a particular area for your character, or even experience a new races point of view on the server. Those who purchase VIP will have access to additional slots.

    There's much more to come, stay tuned for updates and information!
    (This post will be updated as more information is released)
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    Exciting! May the greatest of fortune come across this server.
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    This is amazing, cannot wait to get hands on alpha release! :)
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    Last night I was watching Shrek 2 and I farted and it smelled really bad.
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    This seems extremely interesting. Can't wait for alpha!