Welcome to Algnathar, and EmberRock.

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    Welcome Travelers,

    We've seen your distress calls from your associated capitals, and the Human High Lord Traynah as agreed to welcome everyone with open arms into EmberRock. We're extremely inviting to all the races of Algnathar, and we're very understanding with the events that have been unfolding, an Ember Demon has spawned which the likes of no one has ever seen before. This truly is a dire time, and we're going to be in dire need of expanding the military!

    With the need of expansion, any race is welcome to join the militia, or start your own conjuncture. Feel free to report back to the Kingdom and we'll greatly reward you for any deeds you may accomplish on your journeys. With each conjuncture that goes out into the World of Algnathar, you must be warned, we will not allow just anyone magical access back into EmberRock through teleportation, and you must show a signed seal from the royal house to re gain access by foot.

    With all of that said, thank you to everyone, for coming together and sharing your resources and foods. We're a united world, and we will not allow anything or anyone to disrupt our peace and happiness. With that said, the local suppliers are buying in bulk any and all resources you may gather on your journeys, prices may be inflated, but a living is truly a living.

    Good luck to all, and we wish you the most sincere assurance that your safe home is waiting for you. We're not but a stones throw away by boat. If these notes are no longer stamped with the seal of Humanity, please disregard any notice.


    King Alayod
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